Important Facts to Consider When Purchasing Motorbike Insurance

Not all motorbike insurance cover is the same. Different levels of cover exist with differences in pricing. Different excess amounts come into play, also with differential pricing. Plus, some options are voluntary while others are not. Therefore, I have compiled a list of important aspects for you to consider when you are shopping around for motorbike insurance cover.

When you obtain information on cover from different companies, be sure to compare similar cover from one to the other.

Get an explanation for the different types of excesses that apply to your particular style of motorbike. Sports bikes, in particular, incur compulsory excesses that can be quite high.

Compare any voluntary excesses that you are considering across each company as well.

Modifications to your motorbike must be declared to the insurer. It is extremely important to declare all of the modifications unless you want to risk having your claim denied or your insurance policy canceled. You must declare any type of modification that enhances the performance of your bike as well as custom paint jobs, screens, panniers, and after market exhausts.

Consider insuring your helmet and leathers. Some insurers can supply this type of cover for an additional premium while others do not offer it at all.

You should insure your pillion if you carry one on your bike. Some insurers cover this automatically while others do not. Therefore, it is up to you to ask and include it if it is not. Do not make the false assumption that just because one insurer includes the pillion, they all do.

Make sure that you explain your usage of your motorbike. If you use it to commute to work, it is important to provide that information to the insurer. Although many insurers include this type of usage in the Social, Domestic, and Pleasure cover, many others do not.

Once you decide to apply for motorbike insurance cover, determine whether you will visit a call center or complete an online application. I suggest that you complete your request for an insurance quote online since it is invariably quicker.

Be prepared though if this is your first time filling in a request for motorbike insurance that it will take considerably longer than filling in a request for car or home insurance cover.

Read the assumptions and fine print thoroughly. If you are excluded for some reason from receiving a quote under the proffered assumptions, it is not worth your time to continue completing the paperwork.

If you cannot obtain motorbike insurance cover from one agent, move on and try again elsewhere. Lots of insurers exist and you will find one who will cover you and your bike.

Above all, make sure that the cover is the same for each quote that you receive. This reiterates the first step, but it is extremely important. Before you sign the dotted line, so to speak, and hand over your money, remember that the lowest price is only the best price if the cover is identical.

Facts You Need to Know About Multibike Insurance and Saving Money

For some individuals one bike is good, but two bikes are even better or maybe three or four bikes are better still. From touring bikes for daily use to sports bikes for weekend jaunts to bike collections for the bike enthusiasts, some bike riders simply love their bikes and have to have more than one. If this is your scenario, then you are in the market for multibike insurance cover.

Whatever the reasons behind your ownership, whatever your multibike insurance needs, and however many motorbikes you have, you can certainly save with multibike insurance cover. In fact, consider the following points to help you make your decision:

Insurance premiums for a multibike policy are lower than individual premiums on separate bike policies.

As many as four bikes can be covered on a multibike insurance policy.

Riding of the motorbikes is restricted to one rider.

Since the multibike policy only covers one rider, each of your bikes is covered simultaneously. The bike that you are riding is covered for damage incurred while the bike is out of storage, while the other bikes are covered for theft, fire, and accidental damage.

The premium fee for the bikes that are covered for theft, fire, and accidental damage is lower than the fee would be if you had separate policies. However, this coverage is tied into your full comprehensive coverage for riding. To find out for yourself that this is true, obtain a quote for multibike cover as well as insurance cover for each bike separately. Do the math.

Multibike insurance cover is not widely available online. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to contact a motorbike insurance advisor to obtain it.

As you are out and about enjoying the sights from the comfort of your bike, your mind can rest easy that your insurance needs are covered in every important aspect. The list below includes the options that you can obtain for an additional fee with a multibike insurance cover.

Typically, personal accident cover is included if requested. This type of cover provides financial payments in the event that you receive a personal injury.

Another type of optional coverage is legal expenses insurance, which would cover any uninsured losses that are not covered with your basic multibike policy. If you are considering this type of additional cover, ask specific questions regarding exactly what would be covered. Cover varies across insurance advisors.

Motorbike breakdown cover is another excellent option that is offered. Although most bikes today are reliable, the truth of the matter is that the roads are not always so reliable. A simple puncture could put you and your bike out of commission and stranded for quite a while. Motorbike breakdown cover takes the worry out of stale batteries, flat tires, and lack of fuel and provides you with an easy option for immediate help.

Bike insurance premium discounts are available with multibike insurance. This can include a discount for any of the following: female riders, limited mileage, overnight garaging, and approved security systems.

As you can see, the benefits of multibike insurance are many while the disadvantages are non-existent. Get the best motorbike insurance cover possible and rest easy as you ride fast.

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