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WHEN it comes to motorbikes our hottest stars just can’t get enough of sleek, powerful action.

Fast, feisty and glamorous …and that’s just the motorbikes, celebrities’ love of the motorbike shows no sign of abating. This week Motorbike Insurance takes a look at some of the hottest celebrities behind the hottest wheels.

The Scottish actor was so scared to kiss Angelina Jolie in the filming of hit film Wanted, he preferred be beaten up in fight scenes. McAvoy stars alongside the sexy actress as an office worker-turned-assassin in the movie, in which she is an ace hit woman who mentors him. The pair shared a passionate scene in the film, but married McAvoy was too scared to enjoy the encounter with one of the world's sexiest women.

"I'm always nervous about doing the kissing scenes, says McAvoy: “They're never comfortable, they're always kind of weird, they're not enjoyable, do you know what I mean? But the fight scenes, getting beaten up by her all the time is fine, that was fun. That's one of the reasons I did the job, is to do all those scenes."

Meanwhile, the star has traded in his motorbike for a scooter after encountering a road bully. McAvoy took a tumble from his red Hyosung bike after a car driver revving his engine made him nervous.

"I was lost and stopped at traffic lights, he says: “There was this guy looking at my shiny, red bike and he kept thinking, 'I'm going to make him race.'

"I just got terrified and very meek and thought, 'I need to get out of this guy's way.'

"I was basically intimidated into coming off my bike.

"It was someone else's fault entirely, as these things always are. It was kind of scary, so I've gone back to just having a little scooter now. That's so much safer for me."

The Hollywood star became a victim of a robbery during a drinking binge which leads to him losing his cellphone and £1,000 in cash. According to source, McConaughey was taken home drunk from a bar in San Juan Del Sur after standing on tables demanding people help him find his missing flip-flops - and then allegedly passing out.

His friends helped him to his hotel room and put him to bed but left his door wide open when they left to go home. "Matt was so out of it when they reached the resort that the two guys had to carry him to his villa, says a source: “They used his key, took him inside and put him to bed, then left - but they left the door unlocked.

"Matt didn't report the robbery to the local authorities. I guess he just considered it a lesson Learned”. Meanwhile, McConaughey has been spotted riding his classic motorbike after having dinner with friends at a trendy Sushi restaurant in Venice, California.

The Hollywood star has settled a court action after legal proceedings were brought against him over the construction of a basketball court at his Hollywood home.

The Titanic star, who rents a house in the Hollywood Hills home, was sued by neighbours for allegedly causing damage to their property.

The Linclaus alleged DiCaprio "maliciously" cut and removed hedges; excavated "earth, granite and bedrock", destabilising their deck and swimming pool; and ignored their repeated requests to halt the 2004 construction.

They also sued for trespass, nuisance and negligence and sought £125,000 in compensation. Meanwhile, the superstar is reportedly staying with his father in hospital, after he suffered injuries in a motorbike accident.

DiCaprio's father George, was thrown off the motorbike and left unconscious after the accident, but is now making a good recovery.

The Hollywood superstar admits that she is terrified whenever partner Brad takes their son out for a motorbike ride. Pitt, who has three adopted children and one biological daughter with Jolie, is teaching their oldest son Maddox, six, how to do motorbike jumps. Jolie, who is expecting twins, admits she is so scared of a crash; she is too terrified to watch the pair perform.

But she concedes she is happy to let them carry on the dangerous lessons because it allows them to bond. "When I watch them having real strong father/son time or even when Mad tells me, 'This is a boy thing, Mum!’ it's just really beautiful to see. "Brad's got him doing jumps on his mini-motorcycle, and I couldn't do that without being so nervous I'd pass out.

"Brad is a great teacher, but the first time Mad went on the motorcycle, I could hardly watch".

Rumours abound that the actor has been offered the title role in the next series of Doctor Who. Statham is believed to become a Time Lord amid speculation that David Tennant is quitting the role.

A source says: "It will be Doctor Who meets gangland. He will do a lot more thinking with his fists and will be a sure-fire winner with the ladies. "Doctor Who is still seen as a bit geeky but Jason will add sex appeal and give the character a more dangerous edge."

Meanwhile, the star was worried he’s be thought of as a 'hard man' on set for all the wrong reasons when he rode through Los Angeles on a motorbike wearing nothing but a hospital gown.

The character he plays in hit US TV series Snatch has to keep his adrenalin levels high to avoid death by poison - so he steals a police motorbike for an exciting chase through Hollywood. While Statham was not worried about performing the stunt, he was worried that paparazzi would photograph something they shouldn't have.

"You get used to the flapping hospital gown after a day or two but then you get the paparazzi out there with a camera and a long lens looking for something they shouldn't be looking for.”I'm one of those aroused actors that run around with a hard-on (erection)."

"Usually a sex scene is a very controlled environment with a splintered crew, lots of drapes and curtains and not many people around, and this was right in the middle of public with 250 screaming extras. And over there there's a little camera phone taking a picture of my pasty white a**."

The actor and Australian supermodel Mirander Kerr have been snapped sunbathing naked, leaving..

The pair, who have been dating since October, have never admitted they are an item, despite a trip to Kerr's native Australia so the Lord of the Rings star could meet her parents.

The photographs snapped in the Canary Islands, showing a naked Bloom and a semi-naked Kerr strutting around a villa, show the couple are definitely an item.

A holiday in the sun is certainly more romantic that the visit the couple made to a motorbike dealership last month. Bloom, star of the Pirates of The Caribbean and Lord of the Rings trilogies is an avid biker who once broke his leg in a motorcycle accident.

The wrestling icon has revealed he is still madly in love with his estranged wife. The couple split up last year after 23 years of marriage and are now in the midst of bitter divorce proceedings.

Motorbike made Hogan has faced several devastating difficulties in recent months, including the imprisonment of their 17-year-old son Nick, who is serving an eight-month prison sentence following a car crash which left his friend John Graziano brain damaged.

On top of that, his wife is dating a teenager 29 years her junior. "I unconditionally love my wife, even though we're not together anymore, says Hulk: “ The Linda that I know was a great mother and a great person."

WHEN it comes to motorbikes our hottest stars just can’t get enough of sleek, powerful action.

Fast, feisty and glamorous …and that’s just the motorbikes, celebrities’ love of the motorbike shows no sign of abating. This week Motorbike Insurance takes a look at some of the hottest celebrities behind the hottest wheels.

Hollywood actor, Gerard Butler was administered a vitamin shot by Madonna on the set of her husband’s new movie RocknRolla. The motorbike mad star fell ill while filming for Ritchie’s gangster film, so the superstar offered him a concentrated vitamin jab. But in spite of Madonna’s best efforts, the injection failed to boost Butler's immune system - and left him feeling worse than before.

"Yeah, I got a shot from his (Ritchie's) wife Madonna! I was sick, and she was a nurse basically, says Butler: “Guy introduced me to her and she said, 'You're the sick one?' and I said, 'Yes'. Well, she was amazing. She just said, 'Drop your pants'. I stood there with my little bottom out, and she gave me a shot in the bum!

"It didn't work at all - I got more sick! But I appreciated the effort."

It's not the first time the super star has injected vitamins into a celebrity’s backside – Madonna gave Justin Timberlake a similar shot when he fell ill while producing her latest hit LP Hard Candy.

The star has been arrested on suspicion of domestic assault. The Sheffield born actor was questioned by police in London for six hours after his new wife Georgina filed a complaint. His wife, who later dropped the claim, alleged Bean assaulted her in their North London home.

"Police were called to a residential address. A male was arrested, says a police spokesperson: “He was subsequently informed no further action was being taken against him."

His wife told reporters following Bean's release from custody, "Everything is OK. Sean and I are at home together enjoying the sunshine. He was arrested. Everything was blown out of proportion.

"The police held him quite a while, but Sean is fine and I'm fine. There's no problem between us."

The US funnyman insists that testicles that appear in his new movie Step Brothers are not his own but a replica modelled on his "nut sack". In a scene from the comedy, Ferrell's character appears to place his genitals on a drum skin but Ferrell insists the item used was a prosthesis.

"They're not real but my balls were modelled, says Ferrell: “ I put them in hot wax to build the mould. I asked the prop people, 'Could I please have my stunt nuts to take as gift from the movie?' and they said no problem, so they're at home.

"They've been brought out on a few occasions; we had a dinner party... and the subject of the stunt balls came up and I went, 'I have them, do you want to see them? They got passed around by 20 people... They'll be in the Smithsonian (Museum) one day."

Ferrell is no stranger to dangerous motorbike stunts, he is executive producer of Hot Rod, a hit US TV show where bikers emulate the stunts of the late Evel Kneival.

The Hollyoaks star is set to make a guest appearance in the next round of the ACU Suzuki GSX-R600 Trophy at Anglesey this month. Manning, who plays Russ Owen in the soap, is mad for bikes and accepted the invitation to race after watching the round at the British MotoGP at Donnington.

“I'm really excited about racing in the ACU GSX-R Trophy, says Manning: “ I watched the guys race at Donnington Park earlier this year and was impressed by the format and standard of racing, so when Suzuki offered me a ride, I couldn't refuse."

The superstar and her partner Brad Pitt have asked U2 front man Bono to be the godfather of their newborn twins, Knox Leon and daughter Vivienne Marcheline.

The couple asked the rocker to take on the role because they are impressed by his humanitarian work. "Brad and Angie think the world of Bono, says a source: “They have been friends for years. Brad is a massive U2 fan and told Bono how much he admired him when they were introduced at a party a few years back.

"Since then, they've become very close, which Brad is thrilled about. Angelina is inspired by Bono's humanitarian work and gets on with his wife Ali Hewson."

Meanwhile, Jolie has been voted the top pillion passenger in a survey of the UK’s motorcyclists for the second year running. The Tomb Raider star and BMW F650GS owner Jolie took 23% of the vote in the Bennetts survey, ahead of Sarah Harding (from pop group Girls Aloud) with 18% of the vote, and Carmen Electra and model Keeley Hazell tied for third with 17% of the vote.

The performer has been injured in a motorcycling accident while on holiday says a source. The rapper/actress rented a motor scooter to tour the U.S. Virgin island of St. Thomas but the trip was reportedly cut short when she lost control of the vehicle and "went flying," according to reports.

"She's lucky she wasn't killed. Fortunately, there weren't any cars or other scooters behind her when the accident occurred," says a source. "Luckily, she didn't break any bones. But she was suffering and was prescribed painkillers."

The rocker is keen for Johnny Depp to play his character in a movie based on Motley Crue’s memoirs. The drummer insists thinks he and the Pirates of the Caribbean star share many of the same character traits.

"Johnny Depp would be my choice to play me. He's the best (actor) ever, says motorbike made Lee: “We're working on the film, trying to find the right producers and director and all that sort of stuff."

WHEN it comes to motorcycles our hottest stars just can’t get enough of sleek, powerful action. Fast, feisty and glamorous …and that’s just the motorcycles, celebrities’ love of the motorcycle shows no sign of abating. This week Motorcycle Insurance takes a look at some of hottest celebrities behind the hottest wheels

Agents of the troubled star deny that Lohan was involved in a New York motorcycle accident last weekend. The actress was reportedly hit by a bike during a night out in the Big Apple and treated at a Manhattan hospital. Lohan’s agent claims these reports are untrue, she says: “I spoke to Lindsay and she said this didn't happen."

But this is contrary to the Freaky Friday star’s father, who claims his daughter was hit outside a nightclub. "She's not hurt. That's all I really care about,” he says.

Sir Paul McCartney’s former wife has been ousted by her publicist Michele Elyzabeth because the PR supremo "couldn't take any more" of her "outbursts".

Elyzabeth claims Mills, who lost a leg when a motorcycle ploughed into her, is "impossible" to deal with. In a statement released to the media she says: “After working for Heather Mills for the past four years, I have decided to cease representing her. Since her divorce has become final, in my opinion, Heather has become an impossible person.

"I have been very patient in my dealings with Heather; however, I cannot take any more. I have given her substantial unpaid time and attention. I am owed money. I refuse to be subjected to her outbursts. On reflection and given the way I have been treated, I now have sympathy with much of what the British Press has reported about her."

The Hollywood star has revealed he is to marry his long-time girlfriend Rhea Durham, who is expecting their third child in September. “We continue to grow in our relationship and I think we have a much better chance at succeeding and staying together, says the motorcycle mad actor.

"I wasn't prepared to be married at 20 or 30 but I am now ready for committing, to really making it work constantly and all the other things that go into building a solid foundation."

Wahlberg’s fiancé is due to give birth to their third child later this year; the couple already have a four-year-old daughter, Ella, and a two-year-old son, Michael.

The sexy actress is hotly tipped to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie by the original Sixties actress, Julie Newmar. Newmar, now 74, made the part her own when she appeared as the slinky seductress in the cult 1960s Batman television series.

And she would love Jolie to take on the role – if The Dark Night director Christopher Nolan decides to resurrect the character in a future sequel. "Angelina would own the part, says Newmar: “My industry friends tell me (she) has made inquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman's one true love. She's tremendously popular with women because she's both a heroine and a villainess." Meanwhile, in spite of film and family commitments Jolie’s love of motorcycle shows no sign of abating, she recently snapped up an MV Agusta Brutale for £10,500.

Jolie appeared in a MV Agusta F4 SPR Senna in the film Gone in 60 Seconds. And as the star of Tomb Raider she rode a modified CCM 644. Angelina is planning more training before hitting the road on her new Brutale. “She’s clearly keen on bikes and bike sport and plans to attend some race meets next year, says a source.

Sir Bob Geldof’s daughter recent collapse was caused by a heroin overdose according to sources. The starlet was reportedly administered emergency CPR by a friend after she was found lying unconscious in her north London flat recently.

One insider claims the collapse was caused by heroin - the same drug that killed her mother, TV presenter Paula Yates, she says: "She was in a terrible state - not able to breathe for several minutes. She took a serious risk with her life and none of us could believe how far she went.

"Even Peaches can't believe what she's done, and wants to put it behind her, says a source: “She was desperate for her dad Bob not to find out, and she has realised it can't happen again. She is adamant she won't follow her mother into an early grave."

With a $300m fortune sitting in the bank, splashing out $100,000 on a motorcycle must feel like small change for the Hollywood actor. Cruise recently purchased a custom made Vyrus 985 C3 4V motorcycle with a top speed of 170mph.

According to sources the Mission Impossible saw one at a showroom near his Beverly Hills home and it was love at first sight. "To get it right we had to weigh Tom and take his height and riding position, says a spokesperson for the motorcycle company “That way, when he rides it, it feels like a tailor-made suit.”.

Tom Cruise already has a fleet of rare motorcycles, his latest is powered by a V-twin 4-valve Ducati engine which has a 150 (bhp) brake horsepower.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to bike action, he appeared in Mission: Impossible 2 on a Triumph T509 Speed Triple, and his earlier appearance in 80's movie Top Gun, where his character rode a Kawasaki GPZ750R.

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